The Konica Minolta PS7000 book scanner is a superior system for scanning large-sized books, artwork, ledgers and other bound materials -- with face-up scanning that protects your originals.



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Scan large volumes in face-up position with the Konica Minolta PS7000 book scanner. An adjustable cradle provides gentle, stress-free support for the spine of each volume being scanned -- and fast, face-up scanning lets you digitize more information in less time while protecting fragile bindings.

  • Digital scanning lets you make multiple copies with a single scan, to minimize light exposure on rare or deteriorating books and documents

  • Powerful features of the book scanner include: 600 dpi resolution, auto focus/exposure and automatic masking of borders

  • Other features include:

    • 17" x 23-3/8" scanning area accommodates oversized bound volumes, ledgers, artwork, maps, archival records and other large documents.

    • Micro-Toning provides crisp, legible text and sharp halftones at up to 600 dpi resolution for 11" x 17" originals, 400 dpi for 17" x 23-3/8" oversized pages.

    • The PS7000 book scanner automatically compensates for page curvature at the center spine when bound volumes don't lie flat.

    • Automatically masks borders, erases shadows and eliminates the images of fingers that may be holding pages open.

    • A single button switches the output from printer to PC mode, to accommodate different scanning needs without complex adjustments to your book scanner.

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