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PageScope Data Administrator

A flexible, simple solution to configure User Authentication and Account Track settings along with One Touch destinations on your bizhub multifunctional device to one or multiple devices from a centralized location.

PageScope Data Administrator


PageScope Data Administrator

PageScope Data Administrator eliminates the need to configure and update Authentication settings and one touch destinations including Email, SMB and FTP manually on each bizhub device -- and for busy system administrators, that can save valuable time and effort.

You can import Email addresses in bulk from an LDAP-compliant Email server as well as import and export user authentication data to and from supported bizhub devices.  You can also import current settings from existing Konica Minolta models, to speed the integration of new equipment into your workflow. All this data can be pushed to one or multiple devices without ever being in front of the MFP.

  • Import addresses from existing address books, database addresses and address data contained in other types of software.

  • Import individual addresses from an LDAP server, searching and selecting only the addresses you need.

  • Import addresses in a wide range of formats: CSV, TAB, LDIF, and Notes Structured Text.

  • Import User Authentication and Account Tracking data from an existing bizhub device and export the settings to new bizhub devices to your network.

  • Establish User Access Profiles to limit bizhub functions for certain end-users -- for example, allowing a user to print documents in B&W but not in color.

  • Update or add a single User, Account or One touch destination without     overwriting existing data on the device.

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